The New Orleans Saints organization finds itself in the cross hairs of NFL Grand Poobah Roger Goodell for running an organized Bounty System said to award defensive players for applying big hits and even injuring opposing players. In my opinion the reaction from the league is a bit over the top. The league is just using this as an example to try to show they really do care about player safety. The reality is that the league is really more concerned with legal culpability than truly caring about player safety. The bottom line is NFL players deliver hits with bad intentions regardless of whether or not they stand to gain a few extra shekels from their teammates for doing so. And it isn’t like these bounty systems are some new thing in the NFL. Teams have been doing this forever. It is part of the culture of the NFL. I understand the NFL is trying to change that culture. And the Saints obviously implemented a bounty system much more extensively than what should be accepted. It is one thing for Jonathan Vilma to take a guy out for a nice steak after a big game-changing hit, but handing out thousands of dollars for a hit that injures an opposing player is going over the line. The involvement of assistant coach Gregg Williams in fostering the program is also more than a little distasteful. Williams deserves a stiff penalty. But mostly this scandal is just a bunch of posturing by a league trying to protect itself from further lawsuits.


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